"Elegant" Necklaces "Elegant" Necklaces
Sterling silver, 14k gold(filled), and/or 
semi-precious stone combinations

"Playful" Necklaces "Playful" Necklaces
Always colorful and bold w/ found objects, toys, beads. Anything!

Earrings Earrings
Sterling silver, 14k gold(filled), bead, and/or found object combinations

Travel Finds Travel Finds
Designs by others in which I've fallen in love from locations all over the world. Personally selected and purchased by me during my travels. If I love them, I think you will, too.

Hot Off the Torch Hot Off the Torch
A first look!  
Brand new design completions which I've just finished in my studio

Rings Rings
Some "serious" w/ sterling silver, gold(filled), or semi-precious stones
Some "fun" w/ colorful, wonderful finds of all kinds
All are adjustable size-wise